Thursday, September 13, 2007

Getting Traffic for Voodoo Dolls

I have to admit that getting traffic for Voodoo dolls has been a challenging endeavor. Partly because I consider myself an artist and not a charlatain, and partly because I really don't know what the hell I am doing sometimes. I mean, I receive emails on a daily basis about how to voodoo someone - be it get back an old lover or put a curse on someone. Each one of these emails is an opportunity for potential business, right? So how do I convert free information seekers into paying customers?

Well, I came up with a couple of ideas, and if anyone anywhere decides to ever read this blog and knows a thing or two about marketing, maybe you can give me some feedback. The first thing I did was write an ebook. In fact, it is the first ebook of its kind, and a very good one I might add. It is called How to Voodoo with Voodoo Dolls. It contains all the information most people who email me need -from how to make a Voodoo doll to what to do with a Voodoo doll. And it has very good illustrations, with patterns and everything. So far, this has been a good move and it has sold, although not as much as I had anticipated. One reason is because I am not letting anyone else sell it for me. Why? you might ask. Why don't I put it up at Clickbank or something? Two reasons: (1) who else other than me would try to sell such a book (maybe that's faulty thinking, I don't know), and (2) I want to try to get it published by a real publisher. I mean, we are talking about a real niche here, there is nothing like it out there. My content is good, and in print form, I would make it longer with more pictures and spells and such. So I don't want to ruin my chances of getting it published because I have lost control of its distribution. Am I on track here?

So how have I promoted this ebook? First, I wrote a press release. Well, before that, I put it on both of my websites, The Mystic Voodoo and Planet Voodoo. Then I put it on all of my lenses over at Squidoo, which is over 50 right now. Yes, I am the consummate expert on all things Voodoo at Squidoo, I have high ranks and good traffic and great original content. Although I can't make a living off of my Squidoo enterprises yet, I do get a "notification of instant payment" from Paypal every month. :) In fact, I have used the stats from my Squidoo lenses to determine what people are looking for when it comes to Voodoo dolls. Then, I did the usual social bookmarking and diggin' it and what not, and sent it out to my email list, Voodoo Muse.

Okay, the second thing I did was create a how to make a voodoo doll kit. That is one of the most popular questions I get in emails, and has remained my most popular lens at Squidoo for months. So I put together a very affordable little kit complete with instructions and three Voodoo doll spells.

The third thing I did was start an Adopt a Voodoo Doll contest. (This is a little spin off on my usual monthly Voodoo doll giveaway...something else that sets me apart from my competition. I actually give away a free Voodoo doll every month to some lucky winner. All they have to do is sign up for the Voodoo Muse and they are automatically entered into the monthly drawing.) For the Adopt a Voodoo Doll contest, people have to sign up for the Voodoo Muse (did I mention it's free?), sign up for a Squidoo account (did I mention it's free?), then give me their best reason for why they should become the adoptive parents. It's all free, but does require a little effort on the person's part. I designed it that way so I wouldn't have too many people to choose from. Knowing how lazy people can be, even for something free...

Okay, so that is that. Is anybody listening? Does anybody care?



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